Searching for electricians in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Centurion, Midrand and even Leeuwfontein?

Spark Rite Electricals’ focus is on giving you, our future client, the best possible experience in electrical services, at your home, office, shop or factory. Our business thrives on (S)sincerity, (R)respect, and (E)excellence. We take our integrity seriously, because we care about having a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Spark Rite Electrical will ensure that your electrical installation is spark free.

We have a unique Certificate of Compliance (COC) process that ensures when your COC is issued, not only is it done by a qualified electrician (stating that electrical work done on your property is compliant with legislation) but it’s done with decent quality workmanship! To read more on this process and how you as a property owner of a home, complex, office, factory or shop would benefit, especially when it comes to your insurance, click on SRE COC Processes.

SRE Electric Fence

Another unique aspect to our business, is that we are qualified to do installation and maintenance on any electric fence. Once you have installed an electric fence at your facility, it must be inspected and maintained regularly like any other piece of equipment. An incorrectly installed electric fence is as good as having no protection at all! To read more on this exclusive service we offer, click on SRE Electric Fence.

SRE Team

Richard Branson once said that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your clients. Therefore, we have a culture that values individuals, promotes and grows happy and healthy employees, imprints them with the right knowledge, and celebrates victories as a team. This results in an exceptional experience for our clients. To meet our team and read their stories, click on SRE Team.

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If you do business with us today, we guarantee you’ll experience quality work, expert advice, good service, a fair price and promised professionalism. Spark Rite Electrical will make sure that you have peace of mind. For any further information, quotation or advice. Click on Contact SRE.

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